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5:30 PM & 7:30 PM The Rider & The Wolf Presented By Planet Colorado Media


Downtown Artery
254 Linden St 80524 Fort Collins United States
Join us for two showings of this very special movie and event featuring bike builder demos onsite.

5:30 PM Show https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1194561

7:30 PM Show https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1197127


Crested Butte Colorado in the late 1970s still echoed with the hammers of miners, not the rumble of knobby tires on singletrack. But that was about to change as a young blue eyed man named Mike Rust wrenched madly, transforming old Schwinn cruiser bikes into some of Colorado’s first mountain bikes. When the Californians showed up to test their fancy new bikes on CB’s storied trails, Rust was ready and spun his way uphill into the ranks of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. Like fresh, raw singletrack, Rust cut a path through Colorado’s early days of mountain biking in a swirl of dust mixing innovation, independence, irreverence and a band of Irish brothers into America’s wild west. Then one night, after heated words and a motorcycle chase in the dark, Mike Rust went missing. He has never been seen again. This is the story of Mike Rust, the hall of fame cyclist who disappeared without a trace. What happened to Mike the Bike?


Crested Butte, Salida, The San Luis Valley – Colorado USA


This film was made in the true spirit of independent documentary filmmaking – a bare bones committed crew, minimal budget, long hours, brilliant sunsets, a riveting story and a cinema camera. From lowering cameras down abandoned mine shafts to hunt for bodies or bones, meeting informants on barren backroads, to sleeping in the snow in wild winds under brilliant stars, Grit & Thistle Film followed the story wherever the clues led. In post, the editors labored over the story, cutting precious scenes and using their Emmy Award winning talents to distill the bigger story down to a sliver of magic combining inspiration, love, brotherhood, heartbreak and the pain of losing a brother, a friend, a lover to the unknown. It remains a poignant mystery of the modern American West.